Learn About The Saybolt Analyzer

The Saybolt Analyzer is based on the ClearView db Filter Photometer Technology developed by Guided Wave. The Saybolt Analyzer was engineered as a fit for purpose online analyzer for the petroleum industry and may be configured for either one (1) or two (2) independent sample monitoring points.  The analyzer employs a dual-beam design – meaning; the system has a continual internal optical reference check that allows it to self-compensate for signal variation due to non-sample conditions. This ultimately provides the system with long term stability. The final product is a total Saybolt Color System that measures the color variation without interference from other factors.

The visual Saybolt color test is often used for manufacturing control purposes because it is an easy, rapid determination of product quality or contamination. Saybolt color (reference ASTM D156, ASTM D6045) is primarily used in characterizing fuels including automobile and aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and other petroleum products. The Saybolt color scale varies from near water white (30) to dark yellow (-16). Both of these ASTM methods are off-line manual laboratory methods.

Guided Wave’s Saybolt Color Analyzer system delivers accurate, real-time process measurement results. Its linearity and repeatability, as well as the low maintenance interval, make the Clearview a cost-effective, smart choice to help optimize production, improve yields, ensure consistent product quality and enhance profitability