Color Changes in Liquified Natural Gas due to Condensate

Typically liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a colorless material, but during distillation, the carryover of larger hydrocarbons (C6+) and other forms of condensate can affect the color (yellowness) of the LNG. A real-time saybolt color measurement can assist the process engineer by verifying the blend meets standards. Regulatory limits for C6+ in LNG is between 0 to 0.05%.  When blending in excessive C6+ condensate, a Guided Wave ClearView db Saybolt analyzer provides real-time monitoring of the LNG output stream allowing refineries to ensure their product remains within the regulatory saybolt color requirement.

By measuring the Saybolt or ASTM color online, refiners can ensure the quality of the LNG is not negatively impacted by the addition of condensate. Typically, a 50 mm Guided Wave Axial Flow Cell can be installed inline or in a sample loop to detect excessive C6+ condensate in LNG. The Saybolt analyzer can be configured to alarm if the color drops below 25 saybolt units. As a result, the ROI for a Guided Wave Saybolt Color Analyzer System can be realized in days due to the cost savings of offloading the condensate.

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